EU domestic service

  1. Generally package would be shipped out within 1 working day after you place an order, tracking number sent in 1-2 working day.
  2. EU domestic orders shipped from UK by royal mail, DHL or as you required
  3. When your order quantity exceed our inventory (can be backordered), please contact us before you place an order!

EU domestic raws

Dianabol $250/100g, $900/500g, $1600/1kg
Stanozolol $250/100g, $900/500g, $1600/1kg
Oxymetholone $250/100g, $900/500g, $1600/1kg
Oxandrolone (Anavar) $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Tadalafil $150/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Turinabol $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Superdrol $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Testosterone enanthate..$150/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Testosterone propionate..$140/100g, $400/500g, $700/1kg
Testosterone cypionate..$150/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Sustanon 250 $180/100g, $550/500g, $900/1kg
Trenbolone Acetate $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Trenbolone Enantahte $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Nandrolone Decanoate $260/100g, $1000/500g, $1900/kg
Npp $260/100g, $1000/500g, $1900/kg
Dromostanolone Propionate $580/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Drostanolone Enanthate $580/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Boldenone Undecylenate $200/100g, $700/500g, $1200/1kgkg

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