International service

  1. Generally package would be shipped out within 1 working day after you place an order, tracking number sent in 1-2 working day.
  2. We can ship from China directly, but package will clear customs in our agent in the USA/Germany/UK first then to you, 100% safe to you, 7-15 days delivery.

International raws

Testosterone Enanthate $80/100g, $350/500g, $600/1kg
Testosterone Propionate $70/100g, $340/500g, $550/1kg
Testosterone Cypionate $80/100g, $350/500g, $600/1kg
1-Testosterone cypionate (DHB) $300/50g, $580/100g
Testosterone Phenylpropionate $80/100g, $350/500g, $600/1kg
Testosterone Decanoate $80/100g, $350/500g, $600/1kg
Testosterone Base $80/100g, $400/500g, $650/1kg
17-Methyltestosterone $80/100g, $450/500g, $700/1kg
Testosterone Undecanoate $120/100g, $550/500g, $950/1kg
Testosterone Isocaproate $260/100g, $650/500g, $1200/1kg
Testosterone Acetate $80/100g, $400/500g, $650/1kg
Sustanon 250 $100/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg

Deca $200/100g, $750/500g, $1450/1kg
Npp $200/100g, $750/500g, $1450/1kg
Boldenone Undecylenate/Equipoise $100/100g, $450/500g, $800/1kg
Mast p $550/100g, $1900/500g, $3600/1kg
Mast e $550/100g, $1900/500g, $3600/1kg
Methenolone Acetate $1300/100g, $5150/500g, $10200/1kg
Methenolone Enanthate $1300/100g, $5150/500g, $10200/1kg
Trenbolone Acetate $500/100g, $1800/500g, $3500/1kg
Trenbolone Enanthate $500/100g, $1800/500g, $3500/1kg
Tren Hex/Parabolan $1400/100g, $5500/500g, $10500/1kg
Anavar $550/100g, $1900/500g, $3600/1kg
Dianabol $180/100g, $800/500g, $1500/1kg
Oxymetholone/Anadrol $180/100g, $800/500g, $1500/1kg
Stanozolol $180/100g, $800/500g, $1500/1kg
Mesterolone/Proviron $550/100g, $1900/500g, $3600/1kg
Turinabol $550/100g, $1900/500g, $3600/1kg
Superdrol $550/100g, $1900/500g, $3600/1kg

Novadex $100/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Clomid $150/100g, $580/500g, $1000/1kg
Arimidex $900/100g, $3200/500g, $6000/1kg
Letrozole $230/100g, $800/500g, $1500/1kg
Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin $470/10g, $3000/100g
Exemestane/Aromasin $630/100g, $2400/500g, $4500/1kg
Finasteride $450/100g, $1500/500g, $3000/1kg

Tadalafil/Cialis $80/100g, $400/500g, $700/1kg
Sildenafil Citrate/Viagra $60/100g, $180/500g, $300/1kg
Vardenafil $150/50g, $280/100g, $950/500g, $1800/1kg
Yohimbine hydrochloride $220/100g, $980/500g, $1750/1kg

MK-677 $195/10g, $1500/100g, $7000/500g
MK-2866 $245/100g, $1100/500g, $2000/1kg
GW-501516 $450/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
RAD 140 $300/10g, $1900/100g, $7700/500g
LGD 4033 $135/10g, $950/100g, $3800/500g
Lgd 3303 $270/10g, $1700/100g, $7800/500g
YK11 $460/10g, $2460/100g, $11500/500g
SR9009 $220/10g, $1650/100g, $7500/500g
SR9011 $460/10g, $2460/100g, $11500/500g
Andarine(S-4) $360/100g, $1250/500g, $2400/1kg
S-23 $550/100g, $2100/500g, $4000/1kg
Aicar $445/10g, $3100/100g

International Semi finished oils (GSO as carrier oil)

Testosterone Propionate 100mg/mL $80/100ml, $180/500ml, $250/1000ml
Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/mL $100/100ml, $250/500ml, $400/1000ml
Testosterone Enanthate 300mg/mL $120/100ml, $280/500ml, $450/1000ml
Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg/mL $100/100ml, $250/500ml, $400/1000ml
Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/mL $120/100ml, $280/500ml, $450/1000ml
Testosterone Suspension 50mg/ml $80/100ml, $180/500ml, $260/1000ml
Deca 250 mg/mL $120/100ml, $400/500ml, $750/1000ml
Npp $100/100ml, $280/500ml, $550/1000ml
Sustanon 250 mg/mL $120/100ml, $300/500ml, $520/1000ml
Boldenone Undecylenat/Equipoise 250 mg/mL $120/100ml, $400/500ml, $700/1000ml
Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/mL $150/100ml, $600/500ml, $800/1000ml
Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml $200/100ml, $800/500ml, $1500/1000ml
Mast p 100mg/mL $150/100ml, $600/500ml, $800/1000ml
Mast E 200mg/ml $200/100ml, $800/500ml, $1500/1000ml
Primo E 100mg/mL $250/100ml, $1000/500ml, $1800/1000ml
Primo E 200mg/mL $370/100ml, $1800/500ml, $3200/1000ml
Winstrol water based 50mg/ml $80/100ml, $200/500ml, $380/1000ml
Supertest 450 mg/mL $120/100ml, $450/500ml
Anomass 400 mg/mL $300/100ml, $1050/500ml
Ripex 225 mg/mL $250/100ml, $1000/500ml
Tritren 180 mg/mL $350/100ml, $1450/500ml
We can customize any blend semi finished oils if you need.
Minimum order is 100ml

International hgh and peptides

HGH GMP (10iu) $120/kit, $100/kit when order over 3 kits, $90/kit when order over 10 kits
HGH Super (10iu) $170/kit, $150/kit when order over 3 kits, $120/kit when order over 10 kits
IGF-1 DES (1mg) $60.0/vial
IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) $60.0/vial
Ace-031 95% (1mg) $80.0/vial
Epithalon (10mg) $8.0/vial
Follistatin 344 95% (1mg) $80.0/vial
HGH fragment 176-191(2mg) $8.0/vial
HGH fragment 176-191(5mg) $14.0/vial
GHRP-2(5mg) $6.0/vial
GHRP-6(5mg) $6.0/vial
GDF-8 95% (1mg) $90.0/vial
MGF(2mg) $8.0/vial
PEG MGF(2mg) $18.0/vial
CJC-1295 with DAC(2mg) $12.0/vial
CJC-1295 with DAC(5mg) $20.0/vial
CJC-1295 without DAC(2mg) $8.0/vial
CJC-1295 without DAC(5mg) $16.0/vial
PT-141(10mg) $14.0/vial
Melanotan-1(10mg) $14.0/vial
Melanotan-2 (10mg) $14.0/vial
Ipamorelin (2mg) $6.0/vial
Ipamorelin (5mg) $12.0/vial
Hexarelin(2mg) $8.0/vial
Semorelin(2mg) $8.0/vial
Semorelin(5mg) $16.0/vial
TB500(2mg) $8.0/vial
TB500(5mg) $14.0/vial
BPC 157(5mg) $10.0/vial
DSIP(5mg) $8.0/vial
Selank(5mg) $14.0/vial
Aicar (50mg) $14.0/vial
Adipotide 5mg $18.0/vial
AOD 9604 2mg $14.0/vial
AOD 9604 5mg $22.0/vial
International shipping $40

Payment is Bitcoin, Paypal, Cash in mail, Cashapp, Venmo, western union and bank transfer.

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