BPC-157 5mg


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BPC-157 5mg Healing Peptides

Name: BPC-157
Purity: 99%
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Grade Standard: Pharmacy Grade
Appearance: white powder

BPC-157 5mg Healing Peptides

BPC-157 is a long peptide have 15 amino acids, it is derived from a protective protein found in the stomach. It is a signalling peptide; it signals for certain processes to take place in the body.

BPC-157 protects the body from injuries, and also helps it heal previously acquired injuries. It is learned that it benifits for:

Wound healing
BPC-157 improves healing after injuries, such as deep skin burns; skin incisions; diabetic wounds; various tissue transections, particularly ligament, tendon, muscle and nerve. It also prevents scar tissue buildup after injury, and reduces already scar tissue.

Inflammation, pain and body temperature
BPC-157 benefits for reducing several models of acute, non-specific inflammation. It acts against temperature decrease.

Nerve injury
BPC-157 improves healing of a transected sciatic nerve in rats, which is particularly shown as faster axonal regeneration.
BPC-157 strongly decreases the consequences of animal brain injuries induced by a falling weight.

In conclusion, BPC 157 promotes the ex vivo outgrowth of tendon fibroblasts from tendon explants, cell survival under stress, and the in vitro migration of tendon fibroblasts, which is likely mediated by the activation of the FAK-paxillin pathway.