GW-501516 Cardarine


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GW-501516 Cardarine

Name: GW-501516
Synonyms: GW501516, Cardarine, Endurobol, GSK-516
Molar Mass:453.498 g/mol
Chemical Formula:C21H18F3NO3S2
Storage:Room temperature
Solubility:Water (slightly), DMSO, Ethanol
Organoleptic Profile:White to beige fine powder, odorless, bitter taste

GW-501516, also known as Cardarine, binds to the PPAR receptor which in turn both activates AMP-activated protein kinase and gives stimulation to glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue. In this case the reaction creates a rapid increase in fat loss as well as increase in the expression of the gene that is involved in disbursement of energy. Hence in taking just the first dose of GW-501516 will increase overall energy to a user. Another benefit of GW-501516 is the fact that is non catabolic giving a user ability to lose fat without sacrificing muscle loss. GW-501516 contributes to overall health through stimulating pathways involved with exercise and also has shown in studies to dramatically increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. In studies GW-501516 has shown to drastically improve endurance by increasing VO2MAX which provides maximum output via exercise. Due to its increase in energy and endurance GW-501516 is a SARM shown to give a user more power for strength and drastically increase athletic potential otherwise that could be unobtainable.

What Are The Benefits of Cardarine?
GW 501516 is the “ultimate endurance enhancer” – used by athletes or anyone who competes
Improved energy – so you can push harder in the gym
Lesser recovery time
Melts fat without losing muscle (non-catabolic) – especially in problem areas (e.g. stomach, lower abs, thighs)
One of the cleanest energies – not a stimulant = no crashing or anxieties
Ability to run longer and harder (builds up overtime)
Able to improve in areas you didn’t know you could push through
Versatile – can be used with a bulking or cutting stack
Increase in overall sense of health
Can be used for 12 weeks with little to no side effects (non-methylated, no toxicity)

Usages of Cardarine
Regular dosage of GW 501516 is 10 to 20 mg per day. 10 mg a day is aimed for endurance (as well as 20 mg a day). The higher the dosage the more you’re targeting towards the fat loss aspect, but 10 mg is perfect.
20 mg/day is more than enough (no need to exceed). Expect to experience more intense endurance and fat burning when taking this amount.
You can take GW once a day or split the dosage (in the morning and then 10-12 hours after).
Best taken 30-45 minutes before a workout.