USA domestic service

  1. Generally package would be shipped out within 1 working day after you place an order, tracking number sent in 1-2 working day.
  2. Domestic orders delivery 2-3 days with zero customs issue!
  3. When your order quantity exceed our inventory (can be backordered), please contact us before you place an order!

USA domestic injectables and tabs

Test P 100 $30
Test E 300 $35
Test C 300 $35
Sus 250 $40
Tren A 100 $45
Tren E 200 $55
Mas p 100 $45
Mas e 200 $55
NPP 100 $40
Deca 300 $45
Eq 300 $40
Primo 100 $70
ProMix 150 (Tren a 50mg , mas p 50mg , test prop 50mg) $65
Tri Tren 225 ( Tren E 100mg tren Hex 75mg tren a 50mg ) $70
Mass450 (200mg eq 200mg deca 50mg Npp) $65

Anavar 25mg per tab $100 per 100 tabs
Winstrol 25 mg per tab $70 per 100 tabs
DBOL 25 mg per tab $70 per 100 tabs
Androl 25 mg per tab $70 per 100 tabs
Tbol 25mg per tab $100 per 100 tabs
Cialis 20mg per tab $60 per 100 tabs
Viagra 50mg per tab $60 per 100 tabs

Anti E & PCT
Nolvadex 25mg per tab $65 per 100 tabs
Clomid 50 mg per tab $70 per 100 tabs
Arimidex 1mg per tab $75 per 50 tabs
Letro 2.5mg per tab $75 per 50 tabs
Exemestane 25mg per tab $100 per 50 tabs
Halo 10 mg per tab $100 per 50 tabs

USA domestic raws

Dianabol $250/100g, $900/500g, $1600/1kg
Stanozolol $250/100g, $900/500g, $1600/1kg
Oxymetholone $250/100g, $900/500g, $1600/1kg
Oxandrolone (Anavar) $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Tadalafil $150/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Turinabol $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Superdrol $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg

Testosterone enanthate..$150/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Testosterone propionate..$140/100g, $400/500g, $700/1kg
Testosterone cypionate..$150/100g, $450/500g, $750/1kg
Sustanon 250 $180/100g, $550/500g, $900/1kg
Trenbolone Acetate $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Trenbolone Enantahte $600/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Nandrolone Decanoate $260/100g, $1000/500g, $1900/kg
Npp $260/100g, $1000/500g, $1900/kg
Dromostanolone Propionate $580/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Drostanolone Enanthate $580/100g, $2000/500g, $3900/1kg
Boldenone Undecylenate $200/100g, $700/500g, $1200/1kg

–Top notch quality!
–Fast shipping!
–ZERO customs issue

Min order: 100 grams each

USA domestic peptides

HGH GMP (10iu) $15.0/vial
HGH Super (10iu) $20.0/vial
IGF-1 DES (1mg) $65.0/vial
IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) $65.0/vial
Ace-031 85% (1mg) $55.0/vial
Ace-031 95% (1mg) $85.0/vial
Epithalon (10mg) $10.0/vial
Follistatin 344 85% (1mg) $55.0/vial
Follistatin 344 95% (1mg) $85.0/vial
HGH fragment 176-191(2mg) $10.0/vial
HGH fragment 176-191(5mg) $16.0/vial
GHRP-2(5mg) $8.0/vial
GHRP-6(5mg) $8.0/vial
MGF(2mg) $10.0/vial
PEG MGF(2mg) $20.0/vial
CJC-1295 with DAC(2mg) $15.0/vial
CJC-1295 with DAC(5mg) $25.0/vial
CJC-1295 without DAC(2mg) $10.0/vial
CJC-1295 without DAC(5mg) $18.0/vial
PT-141(10mg) $15.0/vial
Melanotan-1(10mg) $15.0/vial
Melanotan-2 (10mg) $15.0/vial
Ipamorelin (2mg) $8.0/vial
Ipamorelin (5mg) $14.0/vial
Hexarelin(2mg) $10.0/vial
Semorelin(2mg) $10.0/vial
Semorelin(5mg) $18.0/vial
TB500(2mg) $10.0/vial
TB500(5mg) $15.0/vial
BPC 157(5mg) $12.0/vial
DSIP(5mg) $10.0/vial
Selank(5mg) $15.0/vial
Aicar (50mg) $15.0/vial
Adipotide 5mg $20.0/vial
AOD 9604 2mg $15.0/vial
AOD 9604 5mg $24.0/vial

—Top notch quality!
—Fast shipping!
—ZERO customs issue!

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